About This Project


Our client came to us with the challenge of building a 22m high public compliant viewing platform having non-slip tread stairs with nosing at edges and enclosed inside continuous handrail.


Benchmark accepted the challenge and used the Layher Allround scaffolding system which is different from the conventional scaffolding methodologies and provides versatility in construction. The high strength capacity of this scaffold makes it unique. Moreover, it is economical, self-supporting and quick to install. Time and material, being the crucial factors in this project, were well taken care of. A positive connection and strong joints were ensured for a safer assembly. The structure had continuous handrails to the public compliant stair regulations and further safety was ensured by placing safety sign boards at needful places. The solution provided was well within the clients budget.


The project was accomplished on time without any accidents.


Project Highlight

22m tall platform of scaffolds as a public compliant viewing platform

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